Local Hiking Fun!!

May 14, 2018

Hiking has become a weekly or bi-weekly event for us. Largely because my 2.5-year-old border collie (Quinn) needs more exercise than our daily runs and agility training offer.

One thing I have discovered in my quest to be active and outdoors is that a hike doesn’t have to be a huge complicated event. Just do some basic research on the park, get a trail map and pick a trail that is at your level.

We have hiked most of the local parks near us, some are better than others, but all have something to offer. Currently, our favorite hiking spot is a local place called Indian Hill Recreation Area.  There are a few well-marked trails and several large open fields that the pups can run in as well as a pond.

I like having one go-to spot that I know well. This way if my motivation to get outside and be active is waning, I can just jump in the car and head out knowing that we will have fun. Half the battle to be active is to just get moving, once you are there you will enjoy it!

When hiking anywhere always:

  • Bring water for you and your dog
  • Let someone know where you are going
  • Have a trail map even a basic one (I get lost going in a straight line)
  • Snacks and treats for the dogs to work on training!
  • Appropriate food wear and clothes
  • Check the weather first 🙂







Diana Klein
Upstate NY

Let's be honest: we have busy lives. Getting trapped in a monotonous routine seems unavoidable. 40+ hours work weeks, family obligations, and houses to clean. Americans have a lot to do and a limited time to do it! As a 35-year-old very busy professional (veterinarian), the pull to veg on the couch is strong and sometimes wins. Happily (or perhaps pathetically), my pull to be constantly active and have a project going is stronger. My main sidekicks (as you might guess by my job) are my dogs and sometimes my husband 🙂. My youngest is a 2.5-year-old VERY high energy border collie and he has led me on many adventures in my never-ending quest to entertain him and hopefully tire him out. Hopefully, our adventures will inspire you to skip the couch (at least for a bit) and get out into nature!