Hiking the Finger Lakes Trail; Quinn falls in love :)

May 16, 2018

A good friend of mine is the trail master for a section of the finger lakes trail system (FLT).  Last summer She invited me to go backpacking on her section of the trail. We decided to spend the night in one of the many lean-tos sprinkled throughout the trail system. Each lean-to is first come first serve but generally there is little competition for them.


Amy and her boyfriend have 5  dogs in Bath NY. She was planning to bring Milkyway her 3-year female border collie/aussie mix and Phoebe her 13-year-old mutt who has endless energy and will probaby outlive me!

Quinn and Phoebe hitting the trail

I decided to only bring Quinn on this trip so I could focus on some off-leash training. I was concerned he might not get along with her pups (he can be a little dog reactive but is better when Maverick is not around to protect!).

Luckily he did great with Milky and Pheobe and we hit the trail with no issues.  We backpacked from her house to the trailhead! Yes, we looked a little like a couple of crazy people walking down the street with giant packs and three dogs. Once we were on the trail it was well worth it.

After a few short miles on a well-wooded trail, we came upon a perfectly situated lean-to. It was facing a nice view of a valley on a small open field. We set up my small backpacking tent in the lean-to (to avoid bugs of course!) Then we headed out to explore more of the trail before nightfall.

Side note: you may not see Pheobe in many if these pictures. She is a bit of a ninja at avoiding the camera and often wanders off to find her owner adventure, always to return shortly after we panic at her absence. Thankfully Quinn was so enamored with Milkyway he was not lead astray by pheobs (as Maverick and Zante have been in the past!)

The finger lakes area of NYS is known for its wine trails and rolling hills with beautiful scenic views. This trail did not disappoint. I felt as though we could have walked for days and not come across another person even though we were likely only a few miles from town. Quinn and Milkyway became fast friends, he even let her share his ball which is unheard of!

We collected some firewood and enjoyed a small fire once night came (there is a designated fire pit). It turns out there was a meteor shower that night which we had no clue was happening.  We saw about 7 shooting stars throughout the night! Overall it was a perfect relaxing local backpacking trip that I highly recommend.

Quinn Helping to collect Firewood…he is super helpful at all times…

This was truly an everyday adventure that left me feeling revitalized and ready for the work week!