Meet the Dogs


Age: 9 years old

Breed: Caribbean island dog AKA a MUTT

Likes: The couch, sleeping, short hikes, laying in the sun, food, every person he meets.

Dislikes: Hard work, not having a couch, cats are scary

Energy Level/adventure level: LOW, but short hikes are cool.


Age: 7 years old

Breed: Border Collie

Likes: Every person ever, hiking, MUD, rolling in mud, cats are great, running with mom.

Dislikes: Shiny floors, cars passing by, loud noises

Energy Level/Adventure level: High, always up for something


Age: 2 years old

Breed: Border Collie

Likes: FETCH, agility, hiking, running, FETCH, tennis balls, swimming, cats are cool for herding. digging holes

Dislikes: Some people, not playing fetch, laying around

Energy/Adventure level: EXTREME always looking for something fun to do…always…